Herd Sires

CE 4.4 BW 2.3 WW 61 YW 99 Milk 30 M&G 60
Sire: Hyalite On Target 936
Dam: Schu-Lar 32T of 402 18R

Home raised 936 son out of a top performing Schu-Lar cow in our herd.
Great combination of muscle, phenotype, and balanced EPD's.
GE-EPD enhanced and Homozygous Polled, his first calves arrived in spring 2016.

CE 1.4 BW 4.7 WW 67 YW 109 Milk 24 M&G 57
Sire: MSU TCF Revolution 4R
Dam: S Logic's Cowgirl 31X
Sold full posesssion to Wiese & Sons Manning, IA
and retained semen interest for in-herd use only.
Home raised Revolution son whose calves have impressed us.
GE-EPD enhanced, ranks in the top 5% or better in breed EPDs
for WW YW REA and CHB
Dam is a Logic daugther out of a Dam of Distinction.

AI Sires

CE 6.1 BW 0.8 WW 78 YW 111 Milk 19 M&G 58
Comments from Sandhill Farms: Light birth weight, exceptional growth, excellent carcass,
large scrotal and he did all of this in a contemporary group of 93-head.
Add to that, his sire, maternal sire, and maternal grand sire have all been tested
in multiple reference sire tests with high EPD accuracies. Physically, his dam
is a typical Progress daughter: deep ribbed, beautiful udder and teat placement
and quick to re-breed. His dark red color, moderate size, added muscle
and capacity, and good semen production make him an exciting prospect!

CE 3.8 BW 2.8 WW 66 YW 107 Milk 24 M&G 57
Notes from Genex: The breed's No. 1 registration sire! Revolution is a top combination sire for
calving ease, growth and big REA EPD. His daughters are recognized for their snug udders
and small teats; whether purebred or baldies, they make beautiful cows.

CE 4.6 BW 3.4 WW 72 YW 116 Milk 31 M&G 67
Balanced EPD's. Thick and Muscular.
Breed trait leader in 13 EPD categories.
Comments from Rausch Herefords: His first progeny are proving him to be
the thickest herd sire we have used. His performance is also among
the highest of any herd sire we have tested.

Reference Sires

R Puckster III 5080
CE 4.5 BW 0.8 WW 54 YW 81 Milk 24 M&G 51
Sire: R Puckster II 2027
Dam: R Miss Felt 067
Purchased from Rausch Herefords
A classy, smooth made Puckster bull with eye pigment and solid marking.
A long-sided bull with solid numbers that has proven calving ease.
Dam is a top producing Revolution cow with +26 milk EPD.
"Trey" left a solid footprint in our program as well as others
who we sold bulls and females that he sired.

KJ C&L J119 Logic 023R ET {SOD}
CE 5.2 BW 1.6 WW 65 YW 100 Milk 24 M&G 56
Logic has become one of the most predictable sires in the breed.
He sires outstanding, highly efficient females and top bulls

CE: Calving Ease
BW: Birth Weight
WW: Weaning Weight
YW: Yearling Weight
M&G: Milk and Growth